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We are a reputed company and we sell our products in Himachal. Our company was established in 1974 and it was started by Anil Kumar and Mr Mohan Lal. We deal with MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTOR TAFE LTD In the district of Ho Jhalera, Una. We sell the best quality tractors to our customers. We have a huge collection of tractors and their parts. We avail a wide range of tractors for the export market and it is very long-lasting and durable. Jagdambay automobiles are known for their dependability and duly optimised technology. We are the best dealer for online tractors, old resale tractors, spare parts and service agriculture implements. Our main mission and vision are to advertise technology to farmers and implement it too which comes in the market to tell about the quality of this platform. The farmer needs agriculture and we also sell authentic products which are very reasonable. It does not burden your market. Our rates are low and not high. We provide services which are less low to the market. Our website is and in such a short period, we gained popularity. We are now ranked in the highest position in selling tractors online. We provide the latest and best types of parts for tractors on our site so that you can choose accordingly. We believe in providing originality to our customers. We have a huge stock of tractors. We are wholesalers & exporters in Himachal under jhalera district Una in Bo Nadaun Hamirpur Kangra Mandi.

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Amb Road, Jhalera, Una-174303,
Himachal Pradesh, India